Award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads to products that are as useful as they are jaw dropping. He has the ability to see around the expected and to notice the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things. He can’t wait to strip a machine down to the bare parts so that he can start over. From office furniture makers and power boaters to urban fashionistas, Ruiter helps businesses redefine and reintroduce their products to the design-savvy public who is always ready for something new.

With over 25 design patents, you can find Ruiter featured in a wide range of various media including Popular Science, Metropolis, GQ, Auto Blog, Discovery Channel and GeekWeek. When he’s not meeting with industry leaders or magazine interviewers, he’s probably at home in West Michigan doing what he loves best. Making things. Things that are seen, made and sold all over the world.

Joey Ruiter is redefining expectations in the world of art and design. A major influence in the global design community, he has earned best-in-class recognition for his work. His signature is design that meets everyday needs in surprising ways — pushing limits to confront established expectations. His eclectic mix ranges from office furniture to sculpture, concept watercraft to
household objects, even bicycles and birdhouses.

“I see the designer’s role to lead people to what’s next… to push, to
imagine, to create something great. It is important to me that people
find a relationship with the objects that I create, inspiring creates
new stories, memories and interactions with each other. Ultimately,
that's really what it’s all about.” joey ruiter

We are always looking for new challenges and partners, contact us at

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49Bike Jruiterblack300Tallwebfinal

$49 bicycle - | Jul 2018

By design we can disrupt whole industries. By design, we can change the norms, set new expectations, and create new stories. 

This concept pushes toward simple urban transportation that we don't need to worry about as much. 

The $49 creates new opportunities for many new stories. 

Fly to a new city, bike a bike online for $49 and have it shipped to your destination. When your done with your trip, give it away. Its cheaper than rentals, more reliable, and no stiff penalties for theft or damage.

$49 isn't a pipe dream. We purchased adult bikes shipped free for less than $65. Stripped the access, found lower cost alternative components, and simplified construction by reducing welding, material, and cutting.

We want to work with a major brand to make this reality. So if you are Huffy, Kent, Granite Peak, Roadmaster, Mongoose, Dynacraft, Schwinn, or Next, please shoot us a line....

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check them out!

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Snopedv2 Bk Websmallx300

SNOPED version 2 | Feb 2018

Bonkers x 2

110cc Yamaha power train

4 speed

Timbersled Ripper 90 track system

dog named "Brandy"

photo by: Brain Kelly

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CONSUMER | Dec 2016

What disrupts what we expect to see? And helps us to look beyond what we already know? 

Is it the shape, the sound, the size?
Is it when something disrupts the expected? 

What makes us wonder what’s next and causes us to begin making the future?

I don’t always know where these questions will lead, but I like finding out.




PHOTO on white: Mike Vanderkallen, studio V photography /

PHOTO outside location: Brian Kelly /



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CONSUMER | Nov 2016

The CONSUMER car raises questions about the basic form and function of motoring. Building on what we love the most about cars, The DRIVE.

Video, BaasCreative

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TINNIE 10 side by side vessel | Sep 2016

Small boating sitting side by side.

Formed 1/8” thick aluminum, welding, powder-coating

White oak plank flooring, Xorel upholstered seating, 6hp 4-stroke motor / Electric options

10’ 0”
3 m

1.9 m

Transom  Height
0.4 m

Max. Horsepower
10 hp
4.4 kW

Hull Thickness

173 lbs
79 kg

Max. Capacity
2/500 lbs
2/226 kg

1 Bench

Design: Joey Ruiter,
Photo credits: Dean Van Dis,

Stay tuned for our Grand River Regatta Race series summer 2017! Early racer entries are starting to be accepted. Send an email for any info and sponsorship opportunities to INFO@JRUITER.COM

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SNOPED / | Apr 2016

Experience winter travel on a whole new level. Lightweight chassis and cafe bike race posture, the Snoped will get you there in style. Inspired by some of our favorite winter apparel brands, this bike extends riding on top of the snow even further.

length: 76”
width” 6” (handle bars 26”)
motor: 90cc
materials: aluminum / composite
track: 1980/something Chrysler Sno-runner

design: Joey Ruiter
fabrication: Jeff Long
Photography: Dean Van Dis
Photography: Brian Kelly
Film: Baas Creative


Helmet: Electric Mash-man
Jacket 1: Aether Apparel
Jacket 2: G-Star RAW
Pants: Belstaff
Boots 1: Ralph Lauren Black
Boots 2: Aldo
Gloves: Burton

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Leo, Press release, grand rapids chair | Jun 2015

Leo, Grand Rapids Chair

Tel: (248) 346.6497

Third collaboration between Grand Rapids Chair and Ruiter marks milestone in design and manufacturing
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Grand Rapids Chair Company, a Michigan based commercial and hospitality furniture manufacturer, and industrial designer and West Michigan native Joey Ruiter team up for the third consecutive time to create the bold and brash Leo collection. This collection pushes the design and engineering limits for both the Company and designer, signaling the forward thinking nature of the Company and furniture collections to come.
The collection will make its debut during NeoCon 2015 in the Grand Rapids Chair showroom, located at suite 394 of the Merchandise Mart. Leo is a stainless steel chair with distinct steel tubing, suited for indoor or outdoor eating spaces. The collection is available in an armchair or armless application as well as in a metal or wood dowel leg base.

Industrial designer Joey Ruiter knew he was going to make something unique with Leo. Ruiter simply describes Leo as “a twist on a classic form.”
Ruiter drew inspiration from the suspension on his 1962 Lincoln Continental. The four vertical lines in the back of the chair reflect the simple tubing of the car’s updated rear suspension. Ruiter noted, “I try to keep an unrestricted eye open, so inspiration is never limited in a particular category.” The designer also paid homage to the design aesthetics of the 1980’s: flamboyant, unashamed and unapologetic.
But Leo is more than just a funky chair; it’s a design statement for both Ruiter and Grand Rapids Chair Company. While Leo is certainly modern and eye-catching, it’s not meant to follow trends, but rather to influence. Leo leaves a memorable impression through a design based on contradiction and juxtaposition. The steel tubing is bold and delicate; the back of the chair features distinct steel bends, yet the soft curvature of the frame provides a much-needed aesthetic balance. Together, the two design extremes work in an unexpected way.
The seemingly simple design also tested engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The Grand Rapids Chair engineering team achieved the illusion of a seamless, continuous silhouette through complex multi-plane steel bending and tailored coped joints and welds.
Grand Rapids Chair Company Marketing Director, Jill Frey, detailed, “Leo, to us, represents our overall desire to bring unique, influential pieces to the market, our growth in our outdoor seating options and our continued relationship with West Michigan designers and talent. Leo is our representation of growth in development, design and manufacturing.”
The minimal silhouette offers a casual modernity, making it easy to picture Leo in a variety of dining spaces. Indoor options include wooden or metal dowel legs as well as upholstery, while outdoor uses all stainless steel.
The Leo collection will debut at the NeoCon 2015 showroom, and will be available late fall 2015.
About Grand Rapids Chair Company
Founded in 1997, Grand Rapids Chair Company is a family business that has grown into one of America’s leading providers of seating and tables for corporate, commercial and hospitality environments. The company has built its reputation by offering superior-quality products, peerless custom capabilities and quick lead times. Local manufacturing facilities enable the company to maximize quality control for its worldwide customer base and contribute to a finer quality of life for its employees and community.

Media Contact
For Grand Rapids Chair Company:
Dean Jeffery
(616) 292.5624

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LO-RUITER longboard / skateboard | Jan 2016

Getting to your destination matters. But how you get there matters too.
What if the daily commute was your favorite part of the day? It might be with one of these.
Introducing the Lo-Ruiter longboard / Skateboard designed by Joey Ruiter.
It’s a modern twist on the traditional skateboard that creates the illusion of floating.  

Deck: molded maple multi-ply and carbon fiber

Wheels: Arbor MOSH, the sucrose initiative, 65mm 82A, CP 36mm/OS 0.0mm

Trucks: Caliber II Legacy Blackout 10" 50 degree

Q&A with Joey Ruiter

Why a skateboard?
I personally love skating but we don’t set out to design anything specific like a skateboard, toothbrush, car or chair.  We explore problems and imagine the possibilities.  A lot of my work is the constant search for simple, pure and obtainable transportation.  In this case, it was to create a simple mobile device to fill in-between traveling after a car, train or bus ride.  The result was a redefined skateboard, not just for skaters but for everyone.  

How does it ride?
It’s just as functional as it is sophisticated.  It’s smooth, fast and easy to use.  It has quick starts, you can break with your foot over the rear wheels and you can get some speed due to the longer wheelbase. The generous size of the top allows for multiple positions, walking front to back, riding switch, and since the wheels are enclosed, it’s hard to kick the wheels on accident while pushing.  It’s super easy to carry around and lean against a wall.  So, if you’re first thought does it carve?  Don't worry, it doesn’t scrap the ground.

Who’s it for?

Since it has a traditional longboard ride its for a lot of riders in many landscapes. I envision a “suit” riding it into the office. Someone who at heart is still a skater but is a bit more modern.

What was challenging about this project?
The world of skateboarding is already awesome, so there was a distinct challenge right up front to reinvent this mobile staple in a new and inspiring way.  That’s the power of design.  It can transform and point us toward something completely new with a simple form or gesture.

The biggest challenge of all my projects is always to keep it simple. Then it’s actually listening to the data and criteria. As a designer, I’m presented with crazy thoughts, forms and ideas that don’t really apply to projects but I want them too. Listening to the clear answers is sometimes difficult if it is going against where you thought it should have gone.  But it’s always better in the end.

Why is the shape so different from traditional skateboards?
We wanted be as close the icon hover-board without any ridiculous technology. Skating is so great because it is so simple. So the biggest challenge was to give the look and feel of floating above a surface. The cutout shapes are a result of the low deck and wheel clearance, the holes allow you to break when you put your foot over them, and the flat ends allow it to easily be stored upright. The lines, language and gestures add up to a sleek human powered product on wheels that has a personality of it’s own.

Where can I get one?
Not sure yet. J.RUITER might make a limited run and then look for an existing brand for full production. Let us know if you want one and we will get back to you. $295

photo credit: Dean Van Dis

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Joey Ruiter’s latest stripped down urban commuter for INNER CITY BIKES.

Bike smaller without compromising comfort, ride position, and efficiency. Small for easy storage, light weight and very maneuverable. Offering quick start ups, and a fashion first first culture approach. Standard with a 1x10 drive train disc brakes and completely customizable.

Set yourself apart from the crowed field of commuters.

quote your new ride at-

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REBOOT BUGGY: photos by Brain Kelly | Aug 2014

silver lake state park, 8-25-2014 @ 6pm

photo by Brian Kelly

Prints available upon request / subject BKbuggy print

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