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J.RUITER Product Loans

We currently have six J.RUITER products available for loan with plans to add more. For use during live events, music videos, store displays, or whatever you can dream up. Products can be shipped just about anywhere and prices are customized based on the project. High res images are also available for use.

Featured In:
Philipp Plein Fashion Show, NYC
Petersen Automotive Museum, LA – DISRUPTORS Exhibit
Petersen Automotive Museum, LA – Electric Revolution Exhibit
TheArsenale, Miami, FL – Showroom
GRAM, Grand Rapids Art Museum – Objects in Motion
Vandalorum Konst & Design, Sweden – CYKLAR! Exhibit
AETHER Apparel, Aspen, CO – Store Display
ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI – Launch Party

For product loan inquiries, contact us here.