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Another Sedan

A J.RUITER Original

A future view of a throwback idea.

Another Sedan is just that—an instantly recognized shape that flashes “car” in the brain without any active cognition. Concealed in the seeming simplicity of three white boxes, Another Sedan disrupts expectation when its occupants disembark. Forgoing traditional doors completely, the car instead splits open from the center in a sleek, cinematic gesture that plays with the historic glamor of arrival. 

Stripped of detail and stretched in proportion, it elicits a form that is both striking and intimately familiar. The crisp, almost starched cut lines and hard-charging corners, with an ultra wide, ultra low stance, are a visual flex. 

“You’re not looking at a headlight detail, the shape of the wheels, or the door handles…You’re observing a shape, a presence, a character.”


Another Sedan is entirely dependent on the driver. Skill, not software, is the focus of this primal platform, with controls slimmed down to utterly essential ideas like “go,” “stop” and “turn.”

“What is effortless can’t reward like the joy of a learned skill. This isn’t just a car, it’s a vessel for your own skill, ideas and desires.”

Another Sedan is a familiar shape and a surprising spectacle. A blank canvas with a riot of possibilities. Fit for both the luxury of a Sunday afternoon cruise and the glamor of a red-carpet arrival.

Year: 2022

On display now at Petersen Automotive Museum in LA.