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Bear Chair

A J.RUITER Original

“This model particularly touches me. This puts all of my talk, design speak, and theory to the test. Can it actually be what this is becoming? It’s difficult to do less. To do way less. Almost to the point of doing nothing at all. It then starts questions about value, beauty and worth. It’s a story unfolding in the shop as each new prototype is getting to the purest form. What is the chair’s essence? It’s instantly recognizable, so simple no questions are asked. It is what it is, a chair.”

Extreme dualism invites radical thinking. Blurring the lines between brutal and beautiful creates an interesting form. Aesthetically, the Bear Chair is common, overlooked and underwhelming—but there is a purity that is beautiful and familiar.

The intentional unfinished, welded seams and material options blend perfectly machine-made pieces with a handcrafted look.

Materials: aluminum or stainless steel, polished, painted or anodized.

Limited run available.