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Consumer Car

A J.RUITER Original

What happens when what you’re expecting isn’t there?
The Consumer focuses occupants on experiencing the road around them. The overall design gesture consumes everything, the light, the darkness, the air, the sounds, the world in 360 degrees.

It defies just about every expectation about what it means to be a car and strips away anything that would date it including electronics and aesthetics. Users are unobstructed by pillars, panels, comforts or excessive details. The car provides no gauges, dashboard or badging. It has footholds instead of doors, and the front grille is a large reflective mirror consuming anything ahead, while also concealing the motor and giant LED lights.

“My goal is for the Consumer’s styling to take it out of the context of how you expect a car to be used, and show us transportation unplugged.”

Year: 2016

Available to show from private collection.