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Inner City Bikes

A J.RUITER Original Series Designed for Inner City Bikes

Putting a new spin on your ride.

The bicycle is iconic. Throughout its history, the design has evolved. Big wheels, small wheels, even the number of wheels. It’s been made of wood, metal and plastic. Is there room for another take on the bike? Can we redefine classic objects? I think so.

“The art of design happens when you change the way things are perceived. It challenges convention, and creates new stories, interactions and the rarity we want.”

I am constantly finding new reasons to explore this project, because every day, I discover something new.

Each Inner City Bike in the line up creates a new narrative asking questions as we move through a city. Whether it’s style, function or cost, these bikes can change the game. With three distinct builds, wherever you find yourself in the city, you’ll get there in style.

Big 20

Bike smaller in the big city.
This is your stripped down urban commuter. It rides like a big bike, but has a compact frame.
With quick starts and stops, and an upright posture, it maneuvers the city streets with edge and ease. It’s lightweight and compact without compromise for easy storage.

A perfect ride for your daily commute.

Available to show from private collection. New build options also available.

$49 Bike

A low cost bike that looks like this is not a pipe dream. Through good design, common parts and a simplified build, the cost is significantly reduced without compromising style.

When a bike like this becomes really inexpensive, it creates new uses and stories. Maybe I buy an extra bike just for the office. Maybe I have two or three to share with traveling friends. I might even buy one for a vacation and gift it to a stranger on the way out of town.

The right mix of parts, scale and form can be low cost and valuable.

Available to show from private collection. Not currently for sale.

Bike 36

Think fashion and culture over speed and performance.

The initial inner city bike was inspired by the very first bike, the “hobby horse.” It’s an exercise in stripping something down to its core. As it evolved, the design triggered a shift in time, spurring the questions,
“Is there an opportunity to change a timeless product?”
“Can we go back and try something new?”

Minimizing the mechanics and materials, this bike is stripped down to the essentials. Two wheels, seat and hand grips. No chain, just 36-inch wheels that have a presence of their own.

More fashion than transportation, this inner city cruiser is ready for your after dinner cruise, and even red carpet worthy.

Available to show from private collection. Open for partnership manufacturing.