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  • Prototype
  • Build

Lo-Rider Skateboard

A J.RUITER Original

“I want the iconic hoverboard so bad! We are just not there yet.”

Lo-Rider shows us how the power of design can transform something so basic. The rectangular base, swapped out from the traditional pointed one, has cutouts that allow the wheels to pass through when it turns out. Carved out handles eliminate the need to carry the skateboard cradled under one’s arm, giving it the same level of professional sophistication as a briefcase. I envision a “suit” riding it into the office. Someone who at heart is still a skater but is a bit more modern.

Wheels: Arbor MOSH, the sucrose initiative, 65mm 82A, CP 36mm/OS 0.0mm
Trucks: Caliber II Legacy Blackout 10″ 50 degree

Petersen Automotive Museum, DISRUPTORS Exhibit, 2019

Available to show from private collection. New builds available upon request.