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Moto Undone

A J.RUITER Original

I love motorcycles.

“I wondered what would happen if I stripped everything I loved about motorcycles. The noise, sexy curves, fancy paint, exposed mechanics and an overpowered motor, what is left? Could it still be great? What is anything if it doesn’t have what it is described as? Give permission to try something radically different. Leave space for investigation and curiosity, something new might take shape.”

The result is an all-electric urban motorcycle that is unlike anything. This was a true exercise in minimalism.The unconventional shape almost void of form relies on the surroundings for definition. The polished aluminum shell creates a mirror-like reflection of the environment, making the bike almost invisible. It gives the illusion of the driver floating down the road. To add to its minimalism it’s also basically silent. The lightning-bolt-like cutout allows for turns, and the riding info is displayed on a smartphone app.

Grand Rapids Art Museum, 2013
Petersen Automotive Museum, Electric Revolution, 2018
Petersen Automotive Museum, DISRUPTORS Exhibit, 2019

Available to show from private collection.