There are bicycles chained to posts, walls with graffiti, the sound of chatter from a cafe. What you won’t recognize is designer Joey Ruiter’s motorcycle concept. Ruiter’s project isn’t about a motorcycle at all, but rather the environment in which it sits. It is about pure transportation — something that is just part of the neighborhood. Ruiter and his J.RUITER studio is about “trying to push design to the point of not being there.” The moto becomes a canvas for the graffiti, a bench for a moment of rest. It has a natural patina from being part of the city.

Yet this moto is fully functional. “I wanted to create a piece that is museum-worthy that’s completely unnoticeable and so familiar, you’re just going to walk past it,” Ruiter said. What makes the design unique is that when you push a button, the moto rises up and it flips open and a seat pops out. It is glamorous underneath its city-skin and you drive away on it.