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Reboot Buggy

A J.RUITER Original

What does the car want? What would it need to get you anywhere?

I thought I knew a lot about cars until I built one from scratch. But a self-education is sometimes the best way to learn.This was an investigation for me. I wanted to go back to the space when the drive was enough. I wondered what it would be like to reimagine the automotive story.

The horse is just a horse, it isn’t designed for humans to ride. We did that to the horse. What if the car was just a car? What would it want? How would it be designed?

Reboot Buggy explores the concepts of minimalism and the experience of the road. Electronics? Self-parking? Bluetooth? Forget about it. That’s not the point. It was originally designed without a driver in mind and it is an exploration that challenges current car design principles. It was built with common parts. The engine placement and wheelbase are for the sake of the car, not the driver. The steel-tube chassis and 40-inch wheels are powered by a 470 hp V8 engine.

It tackles terrain like nothing else, just at home on the road as it is on the dunes because a car should be able to get us there whether there is a road or not.

Petersen Automotive Museum, DISRUPTORS Exhibit, 2019
Grand Rapids Public Museum, 2014

Available to show from private collection.