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Tinnie 10

A J.RUITER Original

Minimalism meets a rowboat.

To impress his sweetheart on a blisteringly hot day in 1906, the intrepid—and romantic—Olé Evinrude offered to row across Lake Okauchee to get her ice cream. But it melted before he got back. When Olé set off in that rowboat, the last thing he expected to do was invent the outboard motor, a total game-changer for the way people move across the water.

The outboard motor shifted our experience to a front and back, driver/passenger posture. The Tinnie 10 brings small boating back to a side-by-side, face-to-face experience.

After many sketches and countless paper models, the triangular shape was born. Cut, formed and welded from 1/8th aluminum sheets, the final form creates itself from the contours presented through geometry. The 10ft geometric build is finished off with clear white oak, Xorel upholstered seating and black powder-coated aluminium. Weighing in at only 170 pounds, you can easily transport it, giving you more time to cruise your waterscapes, and more time to enjoy each other.

Prototype available.