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$49 bicycle - | Jul 2018

By design we can disrupt whole industries. By design, we can change the norms, set new expectations, and create new stories. 

This concept pushes toward simple urban transportation that we don't need to worry about as much. 

The $49 creates new opportunities for many new stories. 

Fly to a new city, bike a bike online for $49 and have it shipped to your destination. When your done with your trip, give it away. Its cheaper than rentals, more reliable, and no stiff penalties for theft or damage.

$49 isn't a pipe dream. We purchased adult bikes shipped free for less than $65. Stripped the access, found lower cost alternative components, and simplified construction by reducing welding, material, and cutting.

We want to work with a major brand to make this reality. So if you are Huffy, Kent, Granite Peak, Roadmaster, Mongoose, Dynacraft, Schwinn, or Next, please shoot us a line....


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check them out!


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ICE CYCLES, MOPED... studio build | Feb 2016

Studio fun. One day, late on a cold Michigan winter evening we decided to put a 90cc motor on an Inner City Bikes 29th street frame that was heading to the scrap pile. 

Whenever I get the pleasure to share with others I talk very specifically about doing projects like this MOPED. Without any criteria, goals, or thoughtful plan, design and art smash together in wonderful ways. So, have a crazy thought. Give yourself an evening, don't apologize for anything, and make something fun. 

photo: Dean Van Dis

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FOR SALE: 2013 REBOOT BUGGY designed by Joey Ruiter (J.RUITER + studio)

The REBOOT BUGGY is a one off promotional vehicle perfect for a business or brand to gain PR. The door can be wrapped for use of graphics and there is a Thule rack rail system on the back deck to hold various items for trade shows and events. It is Street legal and title in Michigan. The Reboot Buggy comes with a 2013 enclosed trailer with custom ramps for easy hauling.


Craigslist post


Meet the REBOOT BUGGY. A Custom built car built to push the limits of performance on and off the road. It is built from the ground up from J.RUITER and some of Michigan's finest car builders, customizers, engineers, and fabricators.

The street legal Buggy boasts a Long travel suspension, mid engine layout, independent suspension on all four corners, automatic transmission, all built with common components.

Joey Ruiter, owner of J.RUITER is an award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads to products that are as useful as they are jaw dropping. He has the ability to see around the expected and to notice the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things. He can’t wait to strip a machine down to the bare parts so that he can start over. From office furniture makers and power boaters to urban fashionistas, Ruiter helps businesses redefine and reintroduce their products to the design-savvy public who is always ready for something new.

Motor:  small block chevy, 470 hp, 383 stroker

Transmission: automatic turbo 400

Rear Differential: ford 8.8 independent rear, Detroit Truetrac with 4:11 gear

Tires: Yokohama Geo-lander, 40x13.5r18 m/t

Shocks: King Coil 2.5” 12” front 16” rear

Suspension: 26\" travel front and rear, 16” droop, 10” bump

Wheelbase: 126\"

Width overall: 92.5”

Weight: 3050 lbs, 52% rear, 48% front

Winch: WARN PowerPlant Dual Force HP Winch/Air Compressor — 9500-Lbs.

Steering: Howe, hydraulic

Fuel: pump gas with a Fast EFI, throttle body

Brakes: Ford Explorer, front and back (2008)
Shifter: B&M
Seats: Kirky with Crow seat belts
Construction: Steel tube with aluminum body skins, polycarbonite doors, stainless hardware


Discovery Channel: daily planet, GQ magazine, AutoBlog,Car&Driver, Top Gear, Wired, designboom, mocoloco, offroadxtreme, roadandtrack, Fuel-press, Intersection, PSFK, coroflot
FOR SALE: contact, info@jruiter.com or by phone, 616-283-1610

Background of the project:

Reboot Buggy: Motoring back to basics.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – August 29, 2013 – Deep down, what does a car want to be? In an age of increasingly pampered human-centered design, it’s easy to lose track of pure performance—performance dictated by the vehicle instead of the driver. For JRuiter designer, Joey Ruiter, this question was the beginning of a crazed investigation into what is essential, and what is not.

“It sounds strange, but I wanted the vehicle to determine its design,” explains Ruiter, “Even if it means ignoring the driver’s needs.” To free himself from current automotive conventions, Ruiter went back the beginning. In this case, all the way back to the horse. The result is Reboot Buggy. With its roofless passenger compartment and hulking all-terrain wheels, it’s what happens when a race-bred horse evolves into a modern-day carriage.

Motoring may be the best way to explain the Reboot Buggy driving experience. Equipped with a 470-horsepower small block V8 and a fully independent suspension, Ruiter’s modern carriage is tuned to veer off road at a moment’s notice. “Before there were roads and infrastructure, buggies had to be equipped for all terrains. Capability was essential.”

Essential is hard to come by in a time when vehicles

routinely advertise self-parking and gadgetry that turn driving into a passive experience. “It seems almost novel to want to focus on one thing at a time. In this case, driving—not your smart phone or your air conditioned seat.”

Though rooted in the past, Reboot Buggy is intentionally timeless. According to Ruiter, “There’s no defining technology to date the car to a particular point in time.” This doesn’t prevent a driver from plugging a phone into the dash and using it to display the vehicle’s instruments and gauges. “The car isn’t burdened with the demands of technology.” Ruiter explains, “If a driver wants to bring their technology along for the ride, it’s up to them.”

Remaining true to its essentials-only ethos, development of the vehicle required little more than basic tools, welding expertise, and a powertrain mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission. The result is almost alien, despite parts that are available in most salvage yards.

Once assembled, Reboot Buggy can tour the countryside by any means necessary. And, if anything goes wrong along the way, the average mechanic can put it back together again. “Folks in just about any town should be able to fix it.”

Reboot Buggy’s aesthetics are equally unfussy. Measuring 14 feet in length and no taller than a Prius, its deconstructed aesthetic is as much about what’s on the vehicle as what’s not. Pointing out the nose of the Buggy, for example, Ruiter questions the need for anything more. “A grille seemed extraneous. Why have one?”

Up next for Ruiter is an exploration of a different kind. “I’ve been rethinking the economy car.” Rather than practicality, Ruiter is in search of attitude, performance, and even a little street cred. “Rolling around in it will make you feel different. You’ll want to take it out.” In other words, it won’t be the eco-box we’re used to. “The economy car has lost touch with inspiration, wonder, and possibility. I want it back.”


Car Type: Carriage Coupe
Layout: Mid-Engine, Rear-Wheel-Drive, 4 wheel independent suspension
Transmission: 3-speed Automatic
Engine: Small Block V8
Horsepower: 470
Wheelbase: 126 inches

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A rare chance to own a prototype from joey ruiter. These would make great sculptural elements to many different spaces-

(1) FRONTRUNNER (non-functional)

*Can be displayed inside or outdoors either sitting on the ground or hung from points built into the structure.

Aluminum / steel / paint

Dimensional details:
width: 96” x height: 72” x length: 19ft


Contact: info@jruiter.com

(2) POWER BOAT (non-functional)

*Can be displayed inside or outdoors either sitting on the ground or hung from eye bolts built into the structure.

Aluminum / paint

Dimensional details:
width: 60” x height: 72” x length: 160”


Contact: info@jruiter.com

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MIDZWL | Feb 2014

*Might as well* is a term typically used to make an unenthusiastic suggestion. "I might as well go to the store now; I have nothing else to do"

We flipped the phrase as an excuse to spend more money, take more time, try something new, do something ridiculous, just for fun. We smile when we get to use the term now.

MIDZWL is a Grand Rapids based car club. To be accepted, members must prove an over the top “might as well” moment on their car-

“Since I needed a new motor, it might as well be updated with twin turbos...”

Gold foil on black: available men’s or women's, xs, s, m, L, merican

($40 + story) limited quantities available. Contact for ordering


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MOTO UNDONE 24 x 36" poster, signed $30 | Nov 2013



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yellow diamond ring | Jun 2012

custom yellow diamond gold ring

We have been working with gold on a few projects recently. What better way to stand a wonderful material out even more than to load it up with yellow diamonds.

This modern take on otherwise traditional methods makes a huge flash in any lighting condition.

*private client collection

design & construction with Scott Carey from Metal Art Studio

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songbird fantasy feeder | Dec 2011

Beautiful songbirds are in our yards: We feed them, wait for them, and journal what we’ve seen.
I thought it would be fun to create a moment that levels the feeding field for our feathered friends. Now your songbird stoops to the level of a road side scavenger.
Imagine the stories they will share while flying south for the winter. Imagine how tough they feel after devouring a full sized rabbit.

molded bird seed, stainless steel skeleton

*Limited quantities available


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Polygon Sedan Poster 300Pxtall

polygon sedan | Nov 2011

charcoal on canvas, 44" x 76"

An American sedan from the mid 70's exploded in polygons

prints available, buyprint@jruiter.com, shipped rolled in tubes, 32 lb. paper

small (11" x 17") $15
large (36" x 58") $60

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Jruiterproducts Ornate Birdfeeder Stainless

decorative bird feeder | Aug 2009

stainless steel for all weather conditions, finish options include raw stainless or powder-coated in various colors.
dimensions 16x11x3

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Wintermirror 1

Winter Frame | Feb 2009

laser cut steel, powder coat finish
*frame will hold any 1/4"x 24"x 36" material
overall dimensions, 36"x 50"x 3" (available)

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Dog House2 2

dog house | Nov 2007

bent steel with 2" removable pad

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Decorative Mirror | May 2007


Powder-coated steel and glass
mirror, 24"x36"

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expanded metal bowl | Dec 2006

A bowl holds your attention as easily as it cradles its contents. This bowl reflects light off of its playful geometry of shapes and space. It begins as an intricate pattern cut into a sheet of stainless steel. The form slowly takes shape as the sides are hand-pulled into the three-dimensional form. Since each bowl is shaped by hand, the horizontal spaces vary slightly, making each Lattice Bowl a unique piece of art. Made in USA.

Stainless Steel

Measurements (nominal)
H 3.5" Diameter 15"

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