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ICE CYCLES, MOPED... studio build | Feb 2016

Studio fun. One day, late on a cold Michigan winter evening we decided to put a 90cc motor on an Inner City Bikes 29th street frame that was heading to the scrap pile. 

Whenever I get the pleasure to share with others I talk very specifically about doing projects like this MOPED. Without any criteria, goals, or thoughtful plan, design and art smash together in wonderful ways. So, have a crazy thought. Give yourself an evening, don't apologize for anything, and make something fun. 

photo: Dean Van Dis

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MIDZWL | Feb 2014

*Might as well* is a term typically used to make an unenthusiastic suggestion. "I might as well go to the store now; I have nothing else to do"

We flipped the phrase as an excuse to spend more money, take more time, try something new, do something ridiculous, just for fun. We smile when we get to use the term now.

MIDZWL is a Grand Rapids based car club. To be accepted, members must prove an over the top “might as well” moment on their car-

“Since I needed a new motor, it might as well be updated with twin turbos...”

Gold foil on black: available men’s or women's, xs, s, m, L, merican

($40 + story) limited quantities available. Contact for ordering

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yellow diamond ring | Jun 2012

custom yellow diamond gold ring

We have been working with gold on a few projects recently. What better way to stand a wonderful material out even more than to load it up with yellow diamonds.

This modern take on otherwise traditional methods makes a huge flash in any lighting condition.

*private client collection

design & construction with Scott Carey from Metal Art Studio

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songbird fantasy feeder | Dec 2011

Beautiful songbirds are in our yards: We feed them, wait for them, and journal what we’ve seen.
I thought it would be fun to create a moment that levels the feeding field for our feathered friends. Now your songbird stoops to the level of a road side scavenger.
Imagine the stories they will share while flying south for the winter. Imagine how tough they feel after devouring a full sized rabbit.

molded bird seed, stainless steel skeleton

*Limited quantities available

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