Snopedv2 Bk Websmallx300

SNOPED version 2 | Feb 2018

Bonkers x 2

110cc Yamaha power train

4 speed

Timbersled Ripper 90 track system

dog named "Brandy"

photo by: Brian Kelly

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SNOPED / video | Apr 2016

A very cold night somewhere in Michigan...

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SNOPED / | Apr 2016

Experience winter travel on a whole new level. Lightweight chassis and cafe bike race posture, the Snoped will get you there in style. Inspired by some of our favorite winter apparel brands, this bike extends riding on top of the snow even further.

length: 76”
width” 6” (handle bars 26”)
motor: 90cc
materials: aluminum / composite
track: 1980/something Chrysler Sno-runner

design: Joey Ruiter
fabrication: Jeff Long
Photography: Dean Van Dis
Photography: Brian Kelly
Film: Baas Creative


Helmet: Electric Mash-man
Jacket 1: Aether Apparel
Jacket 2: G-Star RAW
Pants: Belstaff
Boots 1: Ralph Lauren Black
Boots 2: Aldo
Gloves: Burton

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1971 Porsche 911t | Mar 2016

Experience design with a vintage 911. The lines, gaps, forms, noise, smell, views, feel, and stance are a prefect combination of form and function.

photo by Mike Vanderkallen, studio V

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ICE CYCLES, from Baas Creative | Feb 2016

Awesome to collaborate with Baas Creative on this shoot, super fun! 

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LO-RUITER longboard / skateboard | Jan 2016

Getting to your destination matters. But how you get there matters too.
What if the daily commute was your favorite part of the day? It might be with one of these.
Introducing the Lo-Ruiter longboard / Skateboard designed by Joey Ruiter.
It’s a modern twist on the traditional skateboard that creates the illusion of floating.  

Deck: molded maple multi-ply and carbon fiber

Wheels: Arbor MOSH, the sucrose initiative, 65mm 82A, CP 36mm/OS 0.0mm

Trucks: Caliber II Legacy Blackout 10" 50 degree

Q&A with Joey Ruiter

Why a skateboard?
I personally love skating but we don’t set out to design anything specific like a skateboard, toothbrush, car or chair.  We explore problems and imagine the possibilities.  A lot of my work is the constant search for simple, pure and obtainable transportation.  In this case, it was to create a simple mobile device to fill in-between traveling after a car, train or bus ride.  The result was a redefined skateboard, not just for skaters but for everyone.  

How does it ride?
It’s just as functional as it is sophisticated.  It’s smooth, fast and easy to use.  It has quick starts, you can break with your foot over the rear wheels and you can get some speed due to the longer wheelbase. The generous size of the top allows for multiple positions, walking front to back, riding switch, and since the wheels are enclosed, it’s hard to kick the wheels on accident while pushing.  It’s super easy to carry around and lean against a wall.  So, if you’re first thought does it carve?  Don't worry, it doesn’t scrap the ground.

Who’s it for?

Since it has a traditional longboard ride its for a lot of riders in many landscapes. I envision a “suit” riding it into the office. Someone who at heart is still a skater but is a bit more modern.

What was challenging about this project?
The world of skateboarding is already awesome, so there was a distinct challenge right up front to reinvent this mobile staple in a new and inspiring way.  That’s the power of design.  It can transform and point us toward something completely new with a simple form or gesture.

The biggest challenge of all my projects is always to keep it simple. Then it’s actually listening to the data and criteria. As a designer, I’m presented with crazy thoughts, forms and ideas that don’t really apply to projects but I want them too. Listening to the clear answers is sometimes difficult if it is going against where you thought it should have gone.  But it’s always better in the end.

Why is the shape so different from traditional skateboards?
We wanted be as close the icon hover-board without any ridiculous technology. Skating is so great because it is so simple. So the biggest challenge was to give the look and feel of floating above a surface. The cutout shapes are a result of the low deck and wheel clearance, the holes allow you to break when you put your foot over them, and the flat ends allow it to easily be stored upright. The lines, language and gestures add up to a sleek human powered product on wheels that has a personality of it’s own.

Where can I get one?
Not sure yet. J.RUITER might make a limited run and then look for an existing brand for full production. Let us know if you want one and we will get back to you. $295

photo credit: Dean Van Dis

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Joey Ruiter’s latest stripped down urban commuter for INNER CITY BIKES.

Bike smaller without compromising comfort, ride position, and efficiency. Small for easy storage, light weight and very maneuverable. Offering quick start ups, and a fashion first first culture approach. Standard with a 1x10 drive train disc brakes and completely customizable.

Set yourself apart from the crowed field of commuters.

quote your new ride at-

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Combining our love of American muscle and off-roading.

When products work well in the worst extremes, it will work that much better in normal use. No curb, parking gate, city ramp, pot-hole, or incline will ever be an issue.


Meet the CONCEPT Dodge Challenger A/T with more muscle than ever. It’s sleek enough for the city nightlife and rough enough for the off-road landscape.

New Products developed for the 2015 challenger:
• Front long travel arms
• Rear trailing arm with links
• Body armor with rock sliders
• Fender flares
• Front skid plate
• Integrated lower light bar
• A/T logo badge

Body Modifications:
• Wheel well trimming
• Inner fender wall construction
• Exhaust tuck and reposition
• Spare tire truck mount
• Graphic twin striping
• Off-road tool storage and details
• Safety equipment

We pushed the performance, power and capabilities of the iconic Challenger from the street to the dirt. From body armor to racing seats, this ride is customized from top to bottom and ready for some serious use.
No matter where you’re going, this car will get you there. So pick your road, we’ve got the car.

We would love to build one for you.

images by:

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REBOOT BUGGY: photos by Brain Kelly | Aug 2014

silver lake state park, 8-25-2014 @ 6pm

photo by Brian Kelly

Prints available upon request / subject BKbuggy print

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Decouple E-bike (concept) | May 2014

We wanted to create an E-moto without the time stamp of technology. The idea of future proofing objects is explored with this electric city scooter. As a stand alone non-intelligent physical object, users can build up as desired for years to come.

The frame and fork is the heart of the concept. They should be first of all really interesting, fun, and inspire thoughts to create with.

With a few simple off-the-shelf components, users can create their own electric ride.

Too often our products have a short life dictated by changing technology. the wheels, ergonomics, forms, and gestures, don’t really change much in time but the technology does.

Frame and fork: innercitybikes, prototype

Hub: User choice (1000w-48v electric shown)

Battery: User choice (LiFePO4, 48v10AH shown)

Design: joey ruiter

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REBOOT BUGGY film / baas creative | Oct 2013

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Riff Raft | Aug 2013

The Riff Raft is for the non-boaters. People who enjoy the water but not all of the headaches.

It’s really simple; ride, swim, travel, layout, play, splash, and be with each other. The covers, cleaning, fuel, docking, all seem to keep us off the water. Even an E-Car could pull this to the launch.

Riff Raft is about letting the ride dictate what will be on the boat. The decking provides tie down grommets every 12” in from tip to tip and side to side. Elastic cords provide the attachment means. Umbrellas, chairs, coolers, tubes, bikes, basically whatever hooks up easily.

Remember the people you're with, what you did, what you saw or experienced, not the boat.

Hull: aluminum

decking: SeaDec foam

length: 18’

weight: 250 lbs

motor: 200# electric motor

fuel: Sun / solar charging battery system

range: 4 hours

capacity: 980 lbs

options: colors

At J.RUITER we are always looking for opportunities to link up with manufacturers. Our prototypes are to lead discussions about products we have options for. To image more or maybe less, to wonder why.


photo credits: Dean Van Dis

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REBOOT BUGGY, release interview Q&A | Aug 2013

An interview with Joey Ruiter

Why the automobile?

"The automobile starts with the simple task to move us from one point to another. Anything extra is purely for our personal comfort and enjoyment. It has very little to do with getting us somewhere."

Why did you decide to design and build a car?

"The answer is two parts, First, I wanted to learn how to make a car. To really know what it takes from every system, aspect, and physical packaging. To figure out why they are the way they are. There is no better way to find out why than to do it for yourself. Taking something apart and putting it back together is a completely different story.
Secondly, I’ve personally becoming more and more frustrated with new automobiles. The fluff, the marketing, the gadgets, the nicknacks, and the do-dads are overwhelming. I want to go back to the drive. When the drive was enough. We’ve layered and layered until I saw a cover for a cover under a hood covered in paint with a cover to protect the paint?... Seems silly to describe but that is a true statement. It’s just all gotten out of control. I drive old era cars. Cars that need your full attention when driving. I can feel the road, I hear the motor, and I understand whats happening around me mechanically.

As an artist I want to make a statement about the car. Starting over from the beginning seemed the right choice. First, we rode horses, then in buggies behind a horse, engine replaces horse, the horseless carriage began.
That to me was the start to all of this stuff we lump together as the automobile. What if we kept that notion of a carriage without a horse. That is really what this project became. Roads aren't needed, infrastructure isn’t needed, and most folks in any town could fix whats on it. Although most parts can take a pretty good beating.”

So what is it then?

"Its basically an exercise in creating a capable vehicle with really common parts. It doesn’t fit into a category since it came from nothing. As the thoughts started to become reality, I shifted towards something more fun for me personally.

It's free design expression. To allow yourself expression as thought, as a physical thing, and not just in rendering form, really pushes the thinking. To allow yourself to do it is the biggest challenge.

I wonder and ask why a lot. Too much really. I want to investigate those thoughts to the fullest. Sometimes that means I have to build it and drive around."

What was challenging about this design, or process of design?

"Building a car from scratch was not easy. I’ve restored, modified, re-imagined lots of cars personally and through my design firm, but from nothing is a completely different story. We don’t really have the collective knowledge we used too. The products around us just are, and just do and we don’t really know how and where they came from.
It takes parts confidence, one part naive, and the rest is about finding really talented people to work with. 

I learned that everyone’s opinion is really valid and correct. Although each opinion is different from person to person. There are many ways to solve a problem. Its easy to get bogged down with what should be done and when. That is what is challenging, sifting through the collective thoughts and picking a direction. 

I learn and fail and win. Each new part or thought failed twice at least on every aspect. Keeping the momentum moving forward is hard. Really hard. The saying, “third times a charm.” is really correct.

The nice thing about metal is you can add and take away. Having the balls to cut apart something you just spent a lot of time and money on is hard but in the run its better. It only hurts when you go back to where you started, but only for a bit. Realizing why you had it right in the first place is worth the pain later. Then the next time you feel more confident to back up your intuition. 

Designers don’t trust themselves because they hadn’t had their hands dirty. My advise to them is to get your hands dirty, make something that holds something up. You’ll learn a lot really quickly."

*photo credits, Dean Van Dis

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REBOOT BUGGY, testing | May 2013

5-17-13, reboot buggy seen on 28th street sw Grand Rapids Mi.
6-14-13, reboot buggy dune testing, silver lake state park, Mi.
8-28-13, youtube test link
9-21-13, reboot buggy dune film shoot (snapshot)

EMAIL for press and upcoming motoring events-

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the GROWLER city bike | Jan 2013

This "Growler" concept concept city commuter is a working sketch prototype in a series of thoughts on what we carry around with us and the importance of those items. We took a Growler from a local pub and set off to design a bike around it. With or without the beer, this changed how we view typical beach/ city "cruisers."

29er fat wheel set, monarch springer front end, 2 speed internal kickback hub, disc brakes

photo: dean van dis

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One  Horse 02 Copy

"one horse" electric moto | Jan 2013

At JRUITER we build, test, and reshape all sorts of things. This "one horse" concept E-bike was a working sketch prototype in a series of electric thoughts. E-bikes don't need to be bikes with motors and batteries.

34mph + single front brake + 48v 1000watt hub motor = sketchy...

photo: dean van dis

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Buggy Blk Whie 02

reboot buggy | Jan 2013

We have decided to unleash our design philosophy on the automobile. Particularly the notion of a city car.

project-named “reboot buggy”, it's an exercise in curiosity and what-if's. Starting from nothing, we gathered hot-rodders, race car builders, trained and "home-grown" experts to see what is possible without what we already know.

I want to know what a vehicle would be without the "user-centered" philosophy. What does it want to be without the things we place in as needs. we are sure to polarize our fan base with this one.

The automobile starts with the simple task to move us from one point to another. Anything extra is purely for our personal comfort and enjoyment. It has very little to do with getting us somewhere.

“I drive old era cars. Cars that need your full attention when driving. I can feel the road, I hear the motor, and I understand whats happening around me mechanically.”

This isn't a shape contest. With little body work highlighted and no decorative grille shapes to design around, the raw parts necessary for movement become highlighted. The resulting vehicle, like objects in the rear view mirror, appears larger than it is.

“It’s grossly basic and crude, and I am loving it.”

The car will be powered by a small block chevy, gasoline, high power motor. It may seem like an odd choice, but anyone knows this motor, anyone can work on them, and they are easily re-built from local sources. In all, over 90,000,000 small-blocks have been built in carbureted and fuel injected forms since 1955.

"I think this car is somewhere between a prius and a horse & buggy. It almost needs to be both at the same time. We have to reconsider everything and ignore what we should do."

Stay tuned... our nuts and bolts, locally sourced, re-used, re-claimed, and re-thought vehicle is becoming a reality.

EMAIL for press and upcoming motoring events-

*a special thanks to a couple of our supporters already-

*Spectrum Sand Sports*, Holland MI

*FabFarm LLC*, Holland, MI

p. 616-532-5200

*Metro Engineering*, Grand Rapids, MI
p. 616-458-2823

Dean Van Dis photography

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front runner video/ oddlyeven | Aug 2012

the frontrunner conceptual video by oddlyeven

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riff raft (prototype test) | Aug 2012

Riff Raft is for the non boaters, to the low class, and to those who don't know what boating shoes are. Simple, cheap, and with no up-keep. Riff Raft is a floating, moving platform for the water. Feel from to swim, sit, lay, and be still. It's as basic as you get.

High res photos and press release with details will be available in September

email, for information

photo: melissa vannest

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Lincoln Side 01

1962 lincoln continental | Apr 2012

"triple white"

Accuair air bags, Detroit Steel Wheels, Ford Racing 460, fast EZ 2.0 throttle body, Magnaflow exhaust, Nick Hardy interior,

I can’t believe I found this car just a few miles from our shop. After 18 years of sitting, this 1962 Lincoln Continental was basically all intact and rust free. An awesome example of American 60’s design at it’s finest or worst. It was heavy, slow, and big. Now, it's just big.

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